Wind measurements

Measure to prove.

Wind measurements are performed to provide facts. Generally, the usage of measurement results has no real alternative in the process of yield calculation for wind energy projects.

At locations having an uncertain database or complicated environmental conditions, on-site wind measurements repeatedly have become the key for the limitation of risk regarding the yield expectation.

At the moment the height of our measuring masts ranges from 30 to 100 m; in addition we also have gained experience with planning and installing sensors on existing masts, e.g. of mobile phone network operators, as well as with the analysis of additional SODAR measurements.

Our services include:

  • Preparation, design, installation, maintenance, regular data upload and dismantling of the wind-measuring system

  • Permanent information about the measurement location, installations, and the collected data via Internet - WindMeasPortal

  • Compilation of reports including analysis and assessment of the measuring results, presentation of the results in tables and figures

  • Integration of the results to yield calculations, including long term correlation using e.g. reanalysis data or results of neighbouring measurement stations

An operating measurement station in the neighbourhood of existing WEC's can also be beneficial after start of operation. The data from the measurement provide an independent basis for the calculation of Debit yields to be compared with actual yields.

Installation of a 36 m – tubular mast 1992

Assembly of sensor-electronics at a telecomunication-mast 2003