Shadow flicker assessment

In case of unfavourable configuration of the wind energy converters the shadow of the spinning rotor can cause unwanted impairments:

The periodically changing shadow may lead to fatal alternations of light behind the wind turbine. The fluctuations of brightness of this kind may be harmful when affecting people constantly. This means that the aspect of shadow immission should be considered already in the period of planning.

Our shadow expertises are created using the WindPro software "SHADOW". This software calculates the duration of shadow of one or more wind turbines in dependence on its hub height, the rotor diameter, the position of the receptor, the geographical coordinates of the location site, the time zone and the time shift caused by the summertime.

In order to gain exact results it is possible to include information about the distribution of the sunshine duration, the calm occurrence and the distribution of the wind directions at the site in to the calculations.

Our shadow expertises include:

  • Documentation of the base of calculation and the conditions at the site, based on a visit of the location if necessary

  • Documentation in table format and appraisal of the results (position and duration of the periods of shadow) considering the common standard values of immission (at present: recommendations of the national environmental office Schleswig)

  • Proposals for solution in the case of unacceptably long periods of shadow (e.g. change of the location or hub height, temporary deactivation of the plant)