How to find us

GPS-coordinates of the location Hellerauer Werkstätten: (Geographical coordinate system, Potsdam date) northern latitude: 51° 6′ 32.6′′, eastern longitude: 13° 45′ 40.3′′

Our office location in Google maps:

Online city map of Dresden:

Ingenieurbüro Kuntzsch GmbH
Moritzburger Weg 67
01109 Dresden

With public transport you reach us directly with the tramway line 8 (direction Hellerau) starting from Dresden main station (see also or Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe). Get off at the stop “Am Hellerrand” and walk along the roads Kurzer Weg and Am Grünen Zipfel to Moritzburger Weg. Please turn to the right there onto Moritzburger Weg. After about 10 minutes you reach the GebäudeEnsemble Hellerauer Werkstätten, where our office is situated. (Way in Google maps)

Motorists driving the motorway A4 take the exit Dresden-Hellerau.

  • Coming from Görlitz/Berlin you turn left at the traffic light. (Approach in Google maps)

  • Coming from Chemnitz/Leipzig you stay on the left lane of the exit heading for Hellerau. Turn right onto Radeburger Strasse and cross under the motorway bridge. (Approach in Google maps)

Stay for about 1.5 km on Radeburger Strasse/B170 until the next junction with traffic lights. There you turn right on Ludwig-Kossuth-Strasse. After about 1.2 km you leave the mainstreet and keep to the right on Moritzburger Weg. After crossing the tram lines you reach the the parking after about 1.4 km. It is located on the right side of the road opposite the entrance to the Hellerauer Werkstätten. The usage is free for our visitors.

You find our office on the second floor of the doorway C.