Noise predictions

Wind energy converters emit sound during their operation. Therefore, care has to be taken already during the planning period so that neighbours do not suffer seriously from noise, after such a project starts operation.

A noise prediction can forecast the expected sound immission and assess it in accordance to technical standards currently used.

Our expert reports are compiled in accordance with the guidelines of the technical instructions on noise (TA Lärm), DIN/ISO 9613-2 and DIN EN 50376, and others. In the special case of Brandenburg state the expert report on sound is compiled on the basis of the WEC sound immission enactment from 31.07.2003. For calculations the actually measured sound emission levels or levels guaranteed by the producer are used as the basis in relation to wind energy converters. The DECIBEL sound-calculating module, which is integrated in the WindPro software, is used to calculate the sound propagation.

Our expert reports on sound include the following:

  • Recording and documenting the relevant immission locations on the basis of an inspection of the site

  • Calculation of the sound propagation in accordance to the guidelines of the technical instructions on noise and DIN ISO 9613-2 on the basis of calculated or measured sound emission figures of wind energy converters

  • Consideration of pollution at the immission locations caused by existing wind energy converters and other existing sources of sound

  • Declaration of the previous, the additional and the total pollution caused by immissions in the location – which will be arranged in clear tables – and the assessment of these sound immission levels in comparison to the immission level guidelines of the technical instructions on noise

  • Cartographic depiction of the examined area, with a depiction of the calculated isophones

  • Consultation with regards to necessary measures in cases where the guidelines for maximum immission levels may be exceeded